Spinach Dumplings

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300 g Bread white, (old)
125 ml Milk
800 g Spinach
30 g Butter
1 Clove/s of Garlic
1 Onion/s
2 Eggs
Salt and pepper
1 TBSP Flower
2 TBSP fine breadcrumbs
80 g Butter
4 TBSP parmesan, grated

Cut bread in small pieces, pour milk over bread. Wash spinach and boil in salt water, strain of water and squeeze water out of spinach. Melt butter, add the cut garlic and onions until golden, add spinach let steam for 5 Min.. Add eggs and spinach to the bread, mix well, add salt, pepper and nutmeg, add flower and fine bread crumbs. Now form little balls (dumplings – small fist size) and boil for 15. Min. in salt water (simmer). To serve add parmesan cheese and melted warm butter on top.