Dreamy Nights

We want every aspect of your stay with us to be relaxing and create unique moments. We can offer you a selection of different pillows on request, so that you wake up completely and deeply relaxed.

7 herbs rest pillows
softly trickling organic cuddly millet bowls with a soothing composition of 7 selected calming herbs that support a soothing sleep in a very special way. Lavender blossoms, hop cones, bee balm, rosehip, St. John’s wort, calendula and betonika herb.

Manager Pillow
A sleep, relaxation and yet energizing pillow. Do you carry a lot of responsibility and do you run the risk of taking your work with you to sleep? Then this pillow is perfect for you! Organic original spelled husks for active people, lots of stone pine flakes to calm the entire cardiovascular system, Hildegard betony herb to keep hectic dreams away, thyme strengthens, for a strong will and self-confidence, mint clears and frees the mind from disturbing emotions. Sage against nocturnal restlessness and sweating.

Alpine stone pine cushion
Organic cuddly millet shells mixed with pine flakes from the Austrian organic forest community. The high alpine stone pine has an excellent effect. Simply grown, valuable, powerful and natural. The scientific results of the latest tests not only amaze skeptics, the proven properties are indisputably the best that nature has to offer in the sleeping area.

Our pillows are available to you at reception during your stay for a fee of €5 per pillow/night. Did you like the pillow? You are welcome to purchase this for €69 at reception.

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