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Castlewood Aid!

Castlewood helps along with its partners

At Castlewood Hotels & Resorts, we want to express not only our sympathy, but above all our solidarity and help. In the last few days we have already collected numerous donations in kind from our employees, their friends and family. These are transported directly to Ukraine with our partners heart4help and fonddobratalyubovi with reliable aid transports. We are very grateful for this support, so that the donations in kind not only reach the border, but also go directly to the people in Rivne in the Ukraine who urgently need them.

In addition, we are sending 1.3 tons of food and thus 6.5 kilos of aid packages to the Ukraine with our partner Chefskulinar. These contain prepared ready-to-eat food and basic necessities.

If you would like to help, please contact one of our Castlewood hotels. Our hotels not only serve as a collection point for all aid supplies, but regular aid transports to Poland and the Ukraine are organized.

For further questions and concerns, we are always available and will help at:

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